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  • The Milf and Me
  • Asian Sluts: High Class But Very Slutty
  • Big Boob Coeds: Broke & Ready For Sex
  • Horny Euro Motel Bimbos
  • Jerry Springer: Hot & Hostile
  • 1st Time Lesbos: Eager Beaver

    1st Time Lesbos: Eager Beaver. - These girls can't wait to try going down-town for the first time! These hot and sexy lipstick lesbos are eager to orgasm! Don't miss the hardcore beaver-crushing action!

  • Bent Over Amateurs: Open For Climax

    Bent Over Amateurs: Open For Climax. - They have never been naked on camera before and can't wait to do it for the first time! These babes may be amateurs but they know how to get themselves off!

  • Horny Amateurs & Dirty Sex Toys

    Horny Amateurs & Dirty Sex Toys. - Naughty coeds soak the sheets while squirming in delight. Watching hot girls masturbate is certainly the way to rub one out!

  • Horny Bi Girlfriends 2

    Horny Bi Girlfriends 2. - The girls in this compilation behave like good sisters, who share everything with each other. Its twice as fun when you share the pleasure!

  • Naughty Amateurs Like Big Sex Toys

    Naughty Amateurs Like Big Sex Toys. - These amateurs have a twisted sense of perversion. There's nothing like the feel of a real hard rod sliding in and out. Watch as they squirm in delight with every touch.

  • Nympho Newbies: Tight And Tempting

    Nympho Newbies: Tight And Tempting. - If you are fed up with your job and get home exhausted after a hard day, all you need to do is to get the right secretary, maid or masseuse who knows exactly how to relieve the tension.

  • Raunchy Amateur Ho's: Wet & Ready

    Raunchy Amateur Ho's: Wet & Ready. - So fresh and and so wet, these skanks can't wait to get off on camera for the first time. Don't miss these raunchy babes play with themselves just for you!

  • Tight & Horny Amateurs: Ready To Please

    Tight & Horny Amateurs: Ready To Please. - These amateurs can't wait to get naked and naughty! They are horny and ready to climax for the first time on camera!

  • Carnal Passion

    Carnal Passion. - There are some times when the throws of passion and lust and desire are just too much for a woman to handle.

  • Cheating Housewives 4

    Cheating Housewives 4. - These cheating housewives features an all-star cast like never before! Nina Hartley gets everything she wants in this exotic story.

  • Filled To The Max

    Filled To The Max. - Smash Pictures is proud to present four scenes featuring the hottest girls getting their filled to the max with pleasant heat.

  • Hot Young & Nasty Babes

    Hot Young & Nasty Babes. - Cynthia Snows stars in this hot young cast of dirty duos making their video debut. In a shoe store, down some stairs, a club back room and even on a ping pong table, these girls put out and then some!

  • Hurry Up & Do Me Doggie Style!

    Hurry Up & Do Me Doggie Style!. - Girls taking it every which way, but especially from behind. Scene one has Samantha Southern bent over in a hot tub. Next, we have Lisa Strong taken out by the wood shed and taken from the back.

  • Insatiable Newcomers

    Insatiable Newcomers. - Don't miss all the hot action!

  • Registered Nurse

    Registered Nurse. - We heard that you were feeling ill with a headache, fever, and the chills.

  • Secretary's Day 4

    Secretary's Day 4. - Ultimate work-time fantasy is played out in the first four discs of the Secretary's Day series! Smash gives you the top of the heap.

  • Teen Idol 7

    Teen Idol 7. - Five torrid tales of teen lust erupt in this brand new edition of Teen Idol. A young coed fantasizes about her teacher.

  • Hot & Horny Stay At Home Moms Exposed

    Hot & Horny Stay At Home Moms Exposed. - The kids are at school and they are all alone. What is a horny stay at home mom supposed to do? Masturbate!

  • Hot Neighborhood Moms Bang Horny Cougars

    Hot Neighborhood Moms Bang Horny Cougars. - Their men are gone, but these local gals love their MILF friends that come over for a fling!

  • Housewives Unleashed: Spread Wide & Wet

    Housewives Unleashed: Spread Wide & Wet. - These housewives are so horny they just can't wait until their man gets home! Spread wide and wet for pleasure, these ladies will take care of themselves over and over again.

  • MILFs, Sex Toys & Orgasms

    MILFs, Sex Toys & Orgasms. - These experienced sex warriors love to get themselves off with their favorite plastic toys!

  • Self Pleasing Hot & Horny Moms

    Self Pleasing Hot & Horny Moms. - It's every guy's dream to find a horny mom masturbating. These sex starved moms quench their sexual appetite. Once their legs are spread, only their sticky fingers can satisfy them.

  • Sexy Housewives Masturbate For You!

    Sexy Housewives Masturbate For You!. - They want to come and you are going to be there to see their wetness. These young moms can't wait to be alone with their own special toys.

  • Tempted By A Hot Mom: MILF On MILF

    Tempted By A Hot Mom: MILF On MILF. - It's the perfect combination; horny MILFs and frisky young playthings who are curious and ready for their first taste.

  • Wide Open Housewives Ready To Explode

    Wide Open Housewives Ready To Explode. - Sexy housewives are the horniest women. Watch these skanks pleasure themselves until they are exploding! These hotties love to spread their legs and share what's inside.

  • Blind Date: The Lust Episodes

    Blind Date: The Lust Episodes. - This month we meet two lovely ladies. There is a sexy belly dancing lesson, a sensual massage and some wild times in the hot tub.

  • Cheaters Lesbian Lust Exposed Uncensored

    Cheaters Lesbian Lust Exposed Uncensored. - This one is for the ladies who love ladies and want them exposed! Only Cheaters is brave enough to show what really goes on behind closed doors!

  • Cheaters Sex Girls On Film Uncensored

    Cheaters Sex Girls On Film Uncensored. - Cheaters brings the ultimate punishment when it finally catches cheating girls having sex on film! See all the action in the bedroom as cheaters fight for their lives!

  • Cheaters Shamed & Exposed Uncensored

    Cheaters Shamed & Exposed Uncensored. - Cheaters is on the scene to expose every dirty moment of these illicit affairs! No cheater is safe with our crack team of private investigators on the case!

  • Jerry Springer: Big Breasted Circus Bonanza

    Jerry Springer: Big Breasted Circus Bonanza. - Don't miss all the hot action!

  • Jerry Springer: Undressed & Unleashed 5

    Jerry Springer: Undressed & Unleashed 5: Don't miss all the hot action!

  • Naked News: Naked Fake News

    Naked News: Naked Fake News. - Marina's naked in the streets of New York trying to fool people with fake news! And if you like your pizza naked, see the ultimate pizza bake off!

  • Stag Ultimate Fail Uncensored

    Stag Ultimate Fail Uncensored. - Our bachelors never learn that no matter what you do with that stripper, your future wife will see it. Every grab. Every grind!

  • All Girl Sex Academy

    All Girl Sex Academy. - Witness these sexy lesbians seduce sex starved housewives in their game of lust!

  • All Girls Sex: Black On Blonde

    All Girls Sex: Black On Blonde. - Witness the pairing of stunning ebony beauties with pale white girls in four interracial sexual dramas.

  • Girls Bangin' Girls: Raw & Nasty

    Girls Bangin' Girls: Raw & Nasty. - Nobody can please another woman like a woman, as these luscious lesbian scenes will prove.

  • Interracial Girl On Girl Sex Fest

    Interracial Girl On Girl Sex Fest. - These sexy babes come in all flavors and they love to do each other!

  • Lusty Lesbos: Loose & Out Of Control

    Lusty Lesbos: Loose & Out Of Control. - Girl-on-girl action has never been hotter! These lusty lesbo goddesses are loose and ready to lick their way to sexual paradise! So hot and so ready!

  • Nasty Nymphos

    Nasty Nymphos. - These babes want nothing else but to get banged as hard as possible. They aren't shy and they don't get embarrassed, they just want someone to give it to them hard!

  • Nympho Hotties: Always Horny For More

    Nympho Hotties: Always Horny For More. - Whenever you feel that you should go on a diet and your wife keeps nagging you about it, all you have to do is to get yourself a nympho hottie who will guarantee a non-stop sexual marathon.

  • Self Climaxing Amateur Sex Addicts

    Self Climaxing Amateur Sex Addicts. - These wild newbies live on plastic stimulation all day long!